Pune Invitational Supercross League


It all started on a late winter night back in 2012 when the thought of bringing back the glory of Supercross to Pune and India set in. The name Pune Invitational Supercross was decided at 4:00am in the morning.

The process began from registering a company to putting a team together, a handful of people we were , when we launched the inaugural event on 9th of June 2012 at Koregaon Park with the support of Panchshil  and seven Teams from Pune which participated in the event.

The event had the potential but building peoples support around the event was a task. Vilo Events delivered on the first event itself.

The Pune Invitational Supercross is thus far the Largest and the Most talked about Supercross event in India and the first of its Type Franchise based League format in two wheeler racing event in the world.

2nd EDITION– The second edition of the event took place in December of 2013. The event had moved to a new venue: Amanora Park Town, a 400 acre mega township project in Pune.

We knew the event had already grown to a higher level. Corporate Sponsors were coming on board and more teams were keen in Participating. The first ever rider auction, grand opening ceremony and rider introduction was introduced in Indian Supercross. Packed house and sold out tickets at the event surpassed the expectations of one and all.

3RD EDITION– PISL was set to reach to newer heights; we incorporated 2 more cities in the League. Nashik and Kolhapur played hosts to round 1&2 respectively. The 2014 event also saw the induction of international riders into the league with the final Round having Anthony Raynard(South Africa), Dennis Stapleton and Ricky Yorks (USA), Alexander Ivanyutin(Russia) and Ishan Dasanayake and Evon Gurusinghe (Sri  Lanka) participating. The final round also witnessed a freestyle motocross show done by Rey Dhillon and Ricky Yorks.

The event features National and International Motocross Riders. Some of the top national talent namely, C S Santosh, Arvind K P, Harith Noah, Jatin Jain, Veer Patel, Yogesh Barguje, Ishan Dasanayaka, and many more….

We believe that it’s the rider who is the most important part of the event and we strive to make sure we look after the riders and give them their due respect at all times.

The Format

The event consists of 5 teams with 9 riders for 2016 in each team racing for the title. Each team would have 5 categories namely, MX 1 Pro Category, MX 2 Foreign Open, MX 3 Foreign Intermediate, MX 4 Indian Experts Class and Mx-J. The Team owners get to go to war in an auction to create their perfect winning team. The League will be a four round championship which will kick start in Pune.  Moving to Nashik for round 2 and Kolhapur for round 3. The grand Finale will be the round 4 which will again be held in the city of Pune. This year we will see international rider participation for all the rounds of the League. Each team will ride with one international Star in their line up.

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Kingdom of Stunts

Kingdom of Stunts is a live freestyle Motocross and Stunts Show. It also features following:-

  1. Dance
  2. Fireworks
  3. BMX Riders
  4. Body Show
  5. Music
  6. State of Art Lighting.

The conglomeration of the best riders from around the globe in one arena. Each rider jumps massive ramps located on both sides of the arena. Upon hitting the ramps they take to the air, performing some of the most dangerous stunts ever seen with great style and action. Whether bending into the “Cordova”, nailing a “Superman”, or spiraling into a “Back Flip”, these kings show no fear. They are the masters of the kingdom and the gaping audience reaps the benefits of their skills.

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Audi Q-Drive


Vilo Events organized for Audi Pune the first ever Audi Q-drive, an off-road driving experience for Audi car owners and other elite guests from Pune City. This was the first time that this event would be hosted in Pune.

The event was spread over three days where customers will drive the Audi Q3, Q5 and Q7 over an off-road track. The track had various obstacles where the Audi cars were put to test. This event got the best out of the Audi cars. It was a spectacular event as guests would get to drive and test the technology to its limits.