DJ Pranav Desai


A youth prodigy who started at his young age in this entertainment circuit is in constant experimentation and evolution, and is constantly pushing boundaries of what a DJ can be. Keeping in touch with the true rhythm of global culture, and blending mixes of east & west, DJ PRANAV DESAI is highly inspired by International & Indian DJ’s and Music Producers.

Milestone Entertainment


Milestone Entertainments offer a bouquet of services under one roof to help you manage communications better.

Milestones’ services include:

  • Event management,
  • In-house production,
  • In-housing printing with our own creative team, branding and designing (Milestone Media Solutions),
  • Public relations (Milestone PR),
  • Promotions: (Milestone Promotions),
  • Event licensing,

Thriller SFX


Thriller SFX was established by Mehboob in 1988. Today, after 18 years of determination, sheer hard work, Mehboob’s valuable technical experience and his team’s skill.

Thriller SFX is an exceptional name in special effects for Movies, Events, Stage Shows, Concerts, Awards Ceremonies, TV Commercials, Product Launches and much more.

Wrap Me Up


WrapMeUp is a new venture started by Rohan Naniwadekar which helps budding riders to realize their dreams of customizing their motorcycles/mopeds according to what they want. This also includes customizing 4-wheelers according to any theme chosen by the person.

Ezee Print

  1. Flex Printing
  2. One way Vision
  3. Backlit Flex Printing
  4. Transparent Vinyl
  5. Vinyl Printing
  6. MS Framing
  7. Star Flex Printing
  8. Glow Sign Boards.

Swaraj Sounds


Swaraj Sound and Light Solutions has been a specialist supplier of audio, video, event and lighting solutions in Pune over the last 7 years. We use an unbeatable combination of detailed product knowledge, great prices and amazing service.





Arnav Developers